Melody Brew

Packaging design. Logo design. Prepress.

Creative director: Alex Bychkov
Art-director: Egor Kevroletin
Designers: Irina Travnikova, Alex Bychkov, Egor Kevroletin
Account manager: Anastasia Storozheva
Photo: Max Mo

Melody brew is not just craft beer, it is beer brewed to music. They
are believes that in this way to charge the beer with the necessary emotions and rhythms of jazz, classics, lindy-hop and others.

To convey this mood and emotions, we used the design of vinyl records. Vinyl is a special sound that only aesthetes can appreciate, like craft beer. The format of the labels of the plates was very convenient in order to describe the exquisite taste of the drink and the complex composition. Choose a beer that will create the right mood for you and drink responsibly.

Beer brewed to music

крышка от пива