Золотое счастье

Naming. Logo. Exterior. Interior. Photo

Art-director: Alex Bychkov
Designers: Egor Kevraletin, Nady Sapozhnikova
Interior: Irina Lebedeva
Photo: Dima Polyakov
Model: Nady Sapozhnikova
Account: Nastya Storozheva

2018 - 2019
Our task was to update the image of a jewelry store on the central pedestrian street of Yekaterinburg. We wanted the facade to be in line with the spirit of the times, but not to spoil the architecture of the constructivist building of the Soviet era.

We tried to take into account the store's location and architecture. They freed shop windows, dismantled the composite friezes, removed the signs and restored the facade. The name and address of the store were painted on the facade with paint. We covered the windows with awnings.

We also changed the logo and color scheme. The string of words «happiness» in different languages became an important part of the style. It runs through the entire facade and is in the interior.

To our delight, the townspeople liked the new store. Many took pictures of him and cited him as an example. Several people have even written flattering social media posts.